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Sunday, September 1

Journal Database: List of Publishers

Large Publishers (more than 100 journals)
Association for Computing Machinery(147)
Africa Journals Online (215)
Bentham Science Publishers (375)
BioMed Central (293)
Brill (148)
Chinese Electronic Periodical Services(1307)
Cambridge University Press (256)
Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG (288)
Elsevier Science (2655)
Emerald Group Publishing Limited (414)
Haworth Press Inc (223)
Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia(281)
IEEE (357)
IGI Global (150)
Inderscience Publishers (346)
Informa plc (196)
IOS Press (128)
Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic (258)
S. Karger AG (124)
Libertas Academica (107)
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (298)
Maney Publishing (108)
Molecular Diversity Preservation International (116)
Medknow Publications (118)
NewsRX (110)
Nature Publishing Group (130)
OECD Publications Centre (154)
OMICS Publishing Group (205)
Oxford University Press (245)
Red de Revistas Cientificas América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal(203)
Reed Business (152) (236)
Sage Publications (580)
Scientific & Academic Publishing Co. (110)
SciELO (330)
Scientific Research Publishing (168)
Serials Publications (223)
Springer (1759)
Taylor and Francis Group (1446)
Thieme Medical Publishers (118)
Versita (143)
John Wiley and Sons (1484)
World of Information (121)

Medium Publishers (30 to 100 journals)
American Anthropological Association (37)
American Bar Association (63)
Academic Journals (96)
Academic Journals (43)
American City Business Journals (42)
American Chemical Society (59)
Adis International Limited (now part of Wolters Kluwer Health) (45)
Academic Electronic Press (31)
Akadémiai Kiadó (51)
American Library Association (42)
Allerton Press Inc (54)
American Psychological Association (52)
Annual Reviews (42)
American Society of Civil Engineers (34)
Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic (38)
Bangladesh Journals Online (69)
Bauer Media (35)
Begell House Publishing Inc (46)
John Benjamins Publishing Company (42)
Bioinfo Publications (74)
Bioline International (32)
Bioone (48)
Blackwell Publishing (84)
BMJ Publishing Group (55)
Richard Boorberg Verlag (35)
Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum (33)
Canadian Center of Science and Education (43)
Czech Medical Association (31)
Copernicus Group (32)
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spanish National Research Council) (32)
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Publishing (56)
KoBSON (50)
Dove Press Ltd. (73)
Duke University Press (48)
Eclipse Group (30)
EDP Sciences (61)
E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium (40)
The European Mathematical Information Service (45)
Equinox Publishing Ltd (45)
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. (62)
E. Schweizerbart Science Publishers (66)
Edinburgh University Press (47)
Frank Cass & Co. Ltd (38)
Giuffre Editore (72)
Global Science Books (31)
Carl Hanser Verlag (35)
Hans Publishers Inc (43)
Harrassowitz Verlag (34)
Heldref Publishing (39)
Higher Education Press and Springer (33)
Hindawi Publishing Corporation (48)
IBIMA Publishing (36)
International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI) (42)
The Institution of Electrical Engineers (44)
imbiomed (67)
Intellect Ltd (36)
Inventi (44)
Institute of Physics (65)
Internet Scientific Publications LLC (83)
Jane's Information Group (30)
John Hopkins University Press (66)
Landes Bioscience (48)
Editions Lavoisier (38)
Mary Ann Liebert (80)
Mark Allen Group (36)
Masson Editeur (68)
Medigraphic (62)
Meditsina Publishers (40)
Medwell Journals (35)
Edizioni Minerva Medica (44)
MIT Press (40)
Società Editrice il Mulino (61)
Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd (31)
Nova Science Publishers (54)
Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag (44)
Page Press (37)
Palgrave Publishers Ltd. (76)
Philosophy Documentation Center (82)
Peeters Publishers (50)
PennWell Corporation (36)
Penton Media (57)
Presses Universitaires de France (35)
International Academic Publishing Co (Nauka/Interperiodica) (61)
Research Trends (44)
Rodopi Publishers (89)
Romanian Academy / Academia Române (85)
Royal Society of Chemistry (66)
Royal Society of Medicine Press (35)
Sabinet Online (97)
Science Publishing Group (54)
M. E. Sharpe Inc. (41)
Sophia Publishing Group (36)
Sweet & Maxwell (78)
University of Tehran (30)
Thomas Telford (46)
Ten Hagen & Stam BV (55)
Thomson American Health Consultants(46)
Touch Briefings (36)
Tehran University of Medical Sciences Publications (45)
Tyagi Pharmacy Association (40)
University of Alberta (32)
Universitat de Barcelona (30)
University of California Press (67)
University of Chicago Press (49)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (57)
Universitas Udayana, Indonesia (64)
Federal University of Paraná (40)
Federal University of Santa Catarina (44)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia (49)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (84)
Firenze University Press (36)
University of Toronto Press (30)
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (34)
WITPress (35)
BaiShiDeng Publishing Group (41)
World Scientific Publishing Company (94)
Small Publishers (3 to 29 journals)
American Accounting Association (12)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (6)
American Association for Cancer Research (9)
Association for the Advancement in Combinatorial Sciences (3)
The Association of American Colleges and Universities (3)
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (10)
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (4)
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (3)
American Association of Neurological Surgeons (4)
American Academy of Pediatrics (6)
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (3)
American Astronomical Society (4)
American Association of University Professors (3)
Association of Avian Veterinarians (4)
AB Academic Publishers (3)
Association for Behavior Analysis International (3)
King Abdulaziz University – Scientific Publishing Center(13)
American Counseling Association (12)
Academia Publishing (10)
Academy Publisher, Finland(10)
National Academy of Sciences(5)
Association for Childhood Education International (8)
Australian Council for Educational Research (3)
Academy of Chemistry of Globe Publications (3)
American College of Healthcare Executives (3)
American Concrete Institute(3)
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (4)
Australian Council of Social Service (4)
American College of Physicians (4)
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (3)
ACTA Press (11)
American Diabetes Association(7)
Asian Development Bank (3)
Addleton Academic Publishers(6)
Adenine Press (3)
Astrophysical Data Service (3)
Advanstar Communications(16)
American Economic Association (11)
AEGIS Publications (3)
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (8)
American Fisheries Society (6)
American Foundry Society (5)
American Federation of Teachers (3)
Academy of General Dentistry(3)
Guttmacher Institute (6)
Agra Informa Ltd (12)
The American Society of Agronomy (4)
American Geophysical Union(26)
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics(13)
Agricultural Institute of Canada (3)
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (3)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (7)
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (18)
American Institute of Musicology (5)
American Institute of Physics(26)
Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center ( AIRCC )(9)
Association for Information Systems (9)
Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc. (6)
Andrew John Publishing Inc(10)
Akademie Verlag (6)
Akademik Plus Publication (4)
Verlag Karl Alber (3)
Allied Academies (19)
Allured Publishing Corp (5)
Alpe Editores (8)
American Marketing Association (8)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences (4)
American Medical Association(19)
American Bankers Association(3)
American Correctional Association (3)
Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) (5)
American Geographical Society (4)
American Meteorological Society (12)
The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (5)
American Nuclear Society (6)
American Nurses Association(3)
The American Physiological Society (16)
American Mathematical Society (20)
Association for the Advancement of Modelling and Simulation Techniques in Enterprises (AMSE) (9)
American Statistical Association (4)
American Nephrology Nurses' Association (3)
ANSInet (12)
Association of Official Analytical Chemists (3)
The American Oil Chemists' Society (4)
Academy of Management (9)
American Pharmacists Association (4)
American Psychiatric Publishing Inc (9)
Applied Probability Trust (4)
The American Physical Society (17)
The American Phytopathological Society (7)
Allen Press Online Publishing(22)
American Physical Therapy Association (3)
Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) (3)
Thomson Aranzadi (15)
Agricultural Research Communication Centre (6)
Archaeological Institute of America (3)
Africa Resource Center, Inc.(4)
American Real Estate Society(3)
American Risk and Insurance Association (3)
Advanced Research Journals(5)
Armand Colin (22)
Arnold Publishers (4)
ARPN Publishers (4)
Array Publications (9)
American Sociological Association (12)
American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (6)
The Association for the Study of African American Life & History (3)
The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (3)
American Society for Cell Biology (3)
American Society for Engineering Education (6)
Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania (6)
American Society for Education Science Research(3)
American Society of Hematology (3)
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (4)
Ashdin Publishing (12)
Ashgate Publishing (11)
American Society for Horticultural Science (3)
Asian Transactions (5)
American Society for Information Science and Technology (3)
Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography(4)
Association for Scottish Literary Studies (5)
American Society for Microbiology (14)
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (27)
ASM International (9)
American Schools of Oriental Research (5)
American Scientific Publishers(22)
Aspen Publishers (7)
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (5)
American Society for Quality(5)
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (10)
Association for Science Education (4)
ASTM International (10)
AstonJournals (6)
American Thoracic Society (3)
Amsterdam University Press(4)
Athabasca University Press (5)
Australian Academic Press (3)
Australian Mathematical Society (4)
AVS (American Vacuum Society) (6)
Air and Waste Management Association (7)
Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) (11)
American Water Works Association (3)
British Association of Academic Research (3)
Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (6)
Baird Publications (6)
A.A.Balkema Publishers (3)
Institut Teknologi Bandung (4)
Behavior Analysis Online (4)
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (3)
Bayard Inc (9)
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek(4)
Baywood Publishing Company(24)
BC Decker (14)
Boston College Law School(4)
Verlag C.H. Beck oHG (13)
Beech Tree Publishing (5)
Editions Belin (6)
Les Belles Lettres (3)
Bellwether Publishing (9)
The Berkeley Electronic Press(17)
Bloomsbury Journals (16)
Berghahn Books (22)
University of California, Berkeley, Law School (8)
British Herpetological Society(3)
Business Information Group(16)
Binary Information Press (3)
BioIT Journals (8)
The Company of Biologists Ltd(3)
Biolife (5)
BioScientifica (6)
Biochemical Society, London(3)
3KBioXML Publishers, Pakistan (7)
British Institute of Radiology(3)
Blackhorse Publishing International (18)
Business News Publishing Company (BNP Media) (5)
Boehlau Verlag (4)
Bank of England (8)
BoomSun (13)
Borgis Publishing House (3)
NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) (4)
R.R. Bowker (4)
Council for British Archaeology (3)
Brookings Institution (7)
Brunton Business Publications(5)
Bruylant (26)
Global Research Society (3)
Business Perspectives (7)
CABI Publishing (4)
Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña (3)
Caddo Gap Press (8)
College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama (4)
Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (3)
Cairn (10)
Cameron May (9)
Canadian Medical Association(6)
Thomson Carswell (3)
University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil (4)
Conference Board of Canada(6)
CCH (3)
CCS Publishing (9)
Canadian Dental Association(3)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (22)
California Digital Library (28)
Council for Exceptional Children (3)
CEDAM (15)
The Center for Diffusion of Academic Mathematical Journals (CEDRAM) (8)
Centaur Communications Ltd.(6)
Centauro (3)
Centro de Estudios Pol (9)
Council for Economic Planning and Development (4)
CESER Publications (12)
Chadwyck-Healey (16)
CIG Media Group, LP. (11)
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (4)
Carden Jennings Publishing(3)
Clute Institute for Academic Research (16)
CMP Media, LLC (20)
Canadian Mathematical Society (4)
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (3)
Co-Action Publishing (22)
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (9)
Cognizant Communication Corporation (25)
University of Colorado (4)
Law School, Columbia University (13)
Teachers College, Columbia University (3)
Common Ground Publishing(15)
Connect Journals (5)
Cooper Ornithological Society(3)
Cornell University (3)
Law School, Cornell University(3)
Cornetis Publishing House (5)
Cosmic Journals, India (4)
Canadian Psychiatric Association (3)
Chartered Quality Institute (3)
CQ Press (3)
Crain Communications Inc(26)
CRC Press (7)
Centro Regional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnológicas (3)
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (3)
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts(3)
Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures (14)
CSC Journals (24)
CSF Medical Communications Ltd (7)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (7)
Chemical Society of Japan (6)
CTSNet (3)
Catholic University of America Press (4)
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (3)
Current Medicine Group LLC(4)
Curtin University of Technology (3)
School of Law, Case Western Reserve University (5)
Technology Institute of Dadaab (4)
Dalloz (19)
Universitatea Danubius, Romania (9)
Data Trace Publishing (4)
Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag(8)
Groupe De Boeck (25)
Editions La Decouverte (4)
Dempa Publications, Inc (3)
University of Denver (5)
Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (4)
Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications (6)
Dialnet, Universidad de La Rioja (3)
University of the Philippines (U.P.) Diliman (15)
Digital Library and Archives(10)
DMG World Media (UK) Ltd (3)
Domains Moon (4)
Dovetail Communications Inc(12)
Duke University School of Law(7)
Duncker & Humblot (13)
Dustri Verlag (11)
Dynamic Publishers (4)
Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies (3)
Early Music America (3)
Earthscan (9)
Eashwar Publications (3)
East View Press (7)
East-West Center (3)
The Electrochemical Society(5)
Ecomed Verlagsgesellschaft AG (3)
EconJournals (3)
eContent Management Pty Ltd(3)
Editio Cantor Verlag (ECV) (3)
Editora Universitária da PUCRS (29)
Editecom (Editions Techniques et Economiques) (4)
SEEd srl (5)
Editions de Santé (6)
Educause (3)
Education Publishing Company Ltd (4)
EduSoft (3)
L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) (3)
Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc (3)
Pharma Publishing & Media Europe (PPM Europe) (3)
Estudios de Lingüística del Español (6)
Elmer Press (4)
Emap (17)
EMC Consulting Group BVBA(6)
E-Med (3)
EMH (7)
Emory University School of Law (3)
European Mathematical Society (15)
Endocrine Society (5)
Engineers Australia (8)
Engg Journals Publications (3)
The Norwegian Entomological Society (6)
Editions Eres (24)
Erich Schmidt Verlag GmbH(18)
Edizioni Erickson (22)
European Respiratory Society(4)
Érudit (9)
Ecological Society of America(6)
Executive Sciences Institute(3)
ESKA Editions (17)
L'Esprit du Temps (5)
Eurail Press (5)
European Journals Inc. (3)
EuroPress (7)
Evangelische Verlagsanstalt GmbH (4)
Deutscher Fachverlag (12)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (3)
FBCommunication (9)
Expert Reviews (18)
FDC Reports Inc (8)
FDI World Dental Federation(4)
Federal Legal Publications Inc. (3)
Fundación para la eSalud - FeSalud (19)
Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (3)
Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje (7)
Findlay Media (3)
Giovanni Fioriti Editore (4)
Florida State University College of Law (3)
Firearms Marketing Group Publications (5)
Fordham University School of Law (8)
Frontiers (26)
Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri(3)
Fuji Technology Press (5)
Fordham University Press (3)
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (11)
Future Medicine (28)
Future Science (6)
Editions Gabalda (6)
Gangemi Editore (24)
Gannett Government Media Corporation (9)
Gardner Publications (3)
Gauthier-Villars Editeur (4)
Gentner Verlag (12)
Geographical Association (3)
Institute of Geosciences, University of Debrecen, Hungary (3)
The Geology Society of America (4)
The Geological Society (London) (11)
Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences (9)
Geothermal Resources Council(4)
Georgetown University (13)
The Gerontological Society of America (3)
Garden History Society (4)
Giesel Verlag (13)
Drukkerij Giethoorn Ten Brink(8)
German Institute of Global and Area Studies (4)
Geodetical Information & Trading Centre (3)
Global Journals (6)
Global Research Agency (3)
Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) (6)
Global Science Press (8)
GMHC - Gay Men's Health Crisis (4)
Greenleaf Publishing (3)
Global Researchers Journals(4)
Grosse Verlag (5)
Grupo Aran (21)
GeoScienceWorld (17)
Global Technocrats & Intellectual's Association (4)
University of Guelph (3)
Guilford Publishing Inc (16)
Rainer Hampp Verlag (6)
Hart Energy Publishing (14)
Hatton-Brown Publishers (4)
Haymarket Business Publications Ltd (25)
Hayward Group plc (12)
Harvard Business School Publishing (4)
Healthcare Bulletin (5)
HealthCare Marketplace (5)
Heldermann Verlag (5)
Henry Stewart Publications(20)
Verlag Herder (11)
Carl Heymanns Verlag KG (10)
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers(26)
American Historical Association (4)
Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc(29)
Harvard Law School (4)
HMP Communications (8)
Hokkaido University, Japan(23)
Horizon Scientific Press (3)
Human Resource Management Academic Research Society(3)
Verlag Hans Huber (19)
Huss Medien (7)
Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA) (3)
HyperSciences Publisher (9)
International and American Association of Dental Research(5)
International Association of Engineers (4)
The Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (4)
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (6)
Indian Academy of Sciences(13)
International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET) (15)
Islamic Azad University - Rasht Branch (3)
International Bar Association(8)
International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, The Netherlands (7)
The International Bee Research Association (4)
International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication (12)
Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia(3)
Indian Council of Agricultural Research (3)
Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) University Press (21)
Institution of Chemical Engineers (6)
Indian Council of Medical Research (4)
International Center for Scientific Research and Studies (ICSRS) (7)
Indian Dental Association (6)
Institution of Engineers (India)(14)
Industrial Fabrics Association International (6)
Igaku-Shoin, Japan (6)
Igitur - Utrecht Archiving and Publishing Services, Netherlands (18)
Ignited Minds (4)
Institute of Industrial Engineers(3)
Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association(3)
IJCP Group (6)
IJENS Publishers (6)
International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Academy (IJMRA) (4)
Academic Sciences (5)
International Labour Organisation (3)
University of Ilorin (11)
Israel Medical Association (3)
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (5)
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (3)
iMedPub (Internet Medical Publishing) (5)
International Monetary Fund(17)
Imaginative Minds Group (6)
Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (18)
International Medical News Group LLC (9)
Insaat Mühendisleri Odasi / Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers (3)
Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences(12)
Imprint Academic (7)
IM Publications (4)
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (11)
Incisive Media plc (14)
Institut National d'Études Démographiques (3)
Info Presse (3)
INFO Project, John Hopkins School of Public Health (17)
Informing Science Institute (8)
Information Today, Inc. (3)
International Network for Natural Sciences (3)
Institut National de Recherche Pedagogique (5)
Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (3)
Indian National Science Academy (7)
INSInet Publication (8)
Institutional Investor (10)
World Textile Publications Ltd(11)
Intellectbase International Consortium (11)
Intersentia (23)
International Press (16)
International Newspapers Ltd.(3)
Inter-Research (8)
Editura Ion Ionescu de la Brad, Romania (3)
International Organization of Scientific Research (19)
Institute of Pure and Applied Physics (4)
IP Publishing (5)
Integrated Publishing Association (5)
International Reading Association (5)
The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (3)
Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences (5)
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (4)
Intercollegiate Studies Institute (6)
Université Mohammed V - Agdal Institut Scientifique (8)
The Islamic Society of Scientific Research (ISSR) (3)
Indiana State University (4)
Practical Action (4)
International Union of Crystallography (11)
Indiana University Press (20)
Ivyspring International Publisher (3)
IWA Publishing (13)
The Japan Academy (3)
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (4)
Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. (29)
Scientific and Academic Publication (3)
Joint Commission Resources(9)
Editions Jean-Michel Place (9)
JEMS Communications, Inc. (3)
St Jerome Publishing (7)
JLL Project (3)
JM Academy of IT & Management Research (9)
John Libbey Eurotext Ltd (24)
Jordan Publishing (3)
Shinkenchiku-sha (3)
Japanese Pharmacological Society (3)
Justis Publishing (5)
Juta & Co (24)
Korean Astronomical Society (5)
Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (14)
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (3)
Keppler Medien Gruppe (4)
Key Publishing Ltd (8)
Kindi Publication (5)
Verlag Kirchheim + Co GmbH (15)
Estonian Academic Publishers (21)
Editions Klincksieck (4)
Kluwer Online (9)
Kluwer Law (23)
Kohat University of Science and Technology, Pakistan(4)
Kohlhammer (21)
Kokuseido Publishing Co (3)
Kowsar Publishing Company (14)
Kamla-Raj Enterprises (7)
Khajure Research Foundation and Development Society (10)
Krause & Pachernegg (9)
Editrice Kurtis (17)
La Documentation Française (17)
Laser Pages Publishing Ltd. (4)
UCLA Law (11)
LED Edizioni (8)
Leena & Luna International Ltd, Oyama, Japan (3)
Left Coast Press Inc (6)
Le Jacq Communications, Inc. (5)
Le Lettere (18)
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (4)
Liverpool University Press (23)
Logos Medical Publishing (4)
Universidade Estadual de Londrina (Brasil) (14)
Longwoods Publishing (9)
Library Publishing Media (3)
Lumen Publishing House (6)
Lawrence & Wishart (6)
Lyceum Books (3)
Mathematical Association of America (3)
Macfadden Performing Arts Media (7)
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales 'Bernardino Rivadavia' (4)
Macrothink Institute (18)
Majlesi Publications Corp. (6)
Manisses Communications Group (3)
Manchester University Press (19)
The Mathematical Association (6)
Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil (11)
Marquette Journals (7)
Marseille Verlag (6)
Masaryk University (4)
Massachusetts Medical Society (13)
Masson, Italy (now Elsevier Masson) (21)
Mathematical Sciences Publishers (6)
Matrix Rom (3)
Casa Editrice Mattioli (23)
Maxwell Scientific Organization (14)
Mayo Clinic (3)
McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers (3)
The McGraw-Hill Companies (9)
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Verlag der Zeitschrift für Naturforschung (3)
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American Society of Abdominal Surgeons (2)
American Association for Artificial Intelligence (1)
The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (1)
Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research (2)
Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (2)
American Association for Clinical Chemistry(1)
AACC International (American Association of Cereal Chemists) (2)
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (2)
American Association for Chinese Studies (1)
American Association of Critical Care Nurses(2)
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (1)
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Asociación Argentina de Ciencia del Suelo (1)
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Asociación Argentina de Microbiología (1)
American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) (2)
AAFO - American Association for Functional Orthodontics (1)
American Academy of Family Physicians (2)
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Academy of Accounting Historians (1)
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American Association of Immunologists (1)
American Academy of Insurance Medicine (1)
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American Association of Museums (2)
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American Academy of Neurology (1)
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons(1)
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (2)
American Academy of Periodontology (2)
American Association of Public Health Dentistry (1)
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (1)
Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies(1)
American Association of Physics Teachers (1)
American Academy of Religion (1)
Australian Association for Research in Education (1)
American Association of School Administrators (1)
Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals, Nurses section (1)
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (1)
Australian Association for the Teaching of English Inc. (1)
American Association of Teachers of French(1)
American Association of Teachers of Italian(2)
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL) (1)
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American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (1)
American Association of Variable Star Observers (1)
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (1)
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ABB (1)
Abbaye de Maredsous (1)
Abbey Publications (2)
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Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem (2)
Editora ABEPRO (1)
Association of Building Engineers (1)
American Board of Family Medicine (1)
American Board of Family Practice (now known as the American Board of Family Medicine) (1)
Aboriginal History Inc. (1)
Arizona Board of Regents (1)
Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (1)
Editora Abril, Brazil (2)
Liiketaloustieteellinen yhdistys r.y. / Association for Business Studies Administration, Finland (1)
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Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (1)
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Academia Press (1)
AcademicDirect Publishing House (2)
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Academia Scientiarum Fennica / Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (1)
The Academic Forum (1)
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Association of Clinical Biochemistry of India(1)
Associação Catarinense de Bibliotecários (1)
American College of Cardiology (1)
Association of Community Cancer Centers (1)
The Accents (1)
Access Intelligence (2)
Australian Council of Community Nursing Services (1)
Acco, Belgium (1)
American College of Chest Physicians (1)
Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti (1)
American College of Dentists (1)
American Choral Directors Association (1)
Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences (1)
L'Association canadienne d'ethnologie et de folklore (ACEF) / Folklore Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) (1)
Australian Centre for Environmental Law (1)
The American Council on Education (1)
The Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (2)
Australian Christian Forum on Education (1)
Australian Conservation Foundation (1)
American College of Forensic Psychiatry (1)
Asociación Colombiana de Gastroenterología (1)
ACG Publishing (2)
Achill River Corp (1)
Academic Conferences Limited (1)
Academic Leadership (1)
ACME (1)
American College of Nutrition (1)
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (1)
American College of Forensic Psychology (1)
Asociación Colombiana de Ornitología (1)
Australian Acoustical Society (1)
Academy of Political Science (1)
Asian Clinical Research Society (ACRS) (1)
Association for Consumer Research (1)
Association of California School Administrators (1)
Australian Computer Society (1)
Australasian Cognitive Science Society (1)
Acta Biochimica Polonica (1)
Acta Cytologica (1)
Acta Monographica (1)
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (1)
Action Learning Institute (2)
Association Recherches et Pratiques sur les ACTivités (1)
American Councils for International Education (1)
The Faculty of Actuaries and Institute of Actuaries (2)
Association of College and University Biology Educators (1)
Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I) (2)
Australian Catholic University (1)
L'Académie Vétérinaire de France (1)
American College of Veterinary Pathologists(2)
Asian Center for Women's Studies (1)
Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies(1)
Ada-Europe (1)
American Dental Association Publishing (2)
Association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation (ADBS)(1)
Adbusters Media Foundation (1)
Adcotec Ltd (1)
The American Dental Education Association(1)
University of Adelaide (2)
Asociación de Directores de Escena de España (1)
Alaska Department of Fish and Game (1)
American Dental Hygienists' Association (2)
Ad Libros (1)
Adnan Menderes University, Turkey (2)
ADRES - Association for the development of research in economy and statistics (1)
American Dairy Science Association (1)
The Advanced Science Journal (1)
Annals of Dental Specialty (1)
Advantage Business Media (2)
Advantage Publishing Ltd (1)
Advancing Health in America (1)
Advisor Media Inc (1)
Advanced Nonlinear Studies, Inc (1)
Advanced Study Center Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia (1)
Advancing Women (1)
Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research (1)
Argentinean Ecological Association (2)
Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos / Spanish Association for English and American Studies (1)
Asociación Española de Entomología (1)
Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre (1)
Advertising Educational Foundation (1)
Federazione Italiana di Elettrotecnica, Elettronica, Automazione, Informatica e Telecomunicazioni (AEIT) (1)
American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information (AENSI) (2)
Spanish Association for Intelligence Artificial(1)
Asociación Española de Paleopatología – UCM (1)
Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (1)
American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, Inc. (1)
Asia Environmental Trading Ltd (1)
Asociación Española de Toxicología (1)
Afaq Printing Press, Kashmir (1)
Association for Asian Studies (1)
American Foundation for the Blind (2)
Association for Facilities Engineering (1)
La Asociación Farmacéutica Mexicana, A.C. (AFMAC) (1)
Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations Inc. (1)
Armed Forces Medical Services, India (1)
ASEAN Federation of Psychiatry and Mental Health (1)
Association for Perioperative Practice (Great Britain) (2)
Africa Magna Verlag (1)
Khayyam Publishing Company Inc (2)
American Gas Association (1)
AgBioForum (1)
Armenian General Benevolent Union (1)
Agricultural History Society (1)
AgiAl Publishing House (1)
Uitgeverij AGIEL (1)
American Geological Institute (1)
Dr. Arun Kumar Agnihotri (1)
Agora University (1)
Agora Center, University of Jyväskylä (1)
Agrarforschung (1)
Asian Agri-History Foundation (1)
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture(1)
American Heart Association (1)
Ahfad University for Women, Sudan (1)
American Health Information Management Association (1)
America's Health Insurance Plans (1)
American Holistic Nurses Association (1)
Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art (1)
Australian Health Promotion Association (1)
American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (1)
AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law (1)
Asiatic Herpetological Research Society (1)
American Humanist Association (1)
Athletic Insight, Inc. (1)
Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (1)
Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society (1)
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (2)
Society Antropologos Iberoamericanos en Red (AIBR) (1)
AICARR - Associazione Italiana Condizionamento dell'Aria, Riscaldamento, Refrigerazione (1)
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (1)
Asian Institute for Development Communication (Aidcom) (1)
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (1)
Australian Institute of Family Studies (1)
Australian Institute of Geoscientists (1)
American Institute of the History of Pharmacy(2)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (1)
Association Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Inc. (1)
Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (1)
Arctic Institute of North America (1)
All India Occupational Therapists Association(1)
Advances in Peritoneal Dialysis (1)
Air Force Association (1)
Airiti Press (1)
American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.(2)
Internationalen Gesellschaft für Studien des Gregorianischen Chorals (Deutschsprachigen Sektion) (1)
Association for Iron & Steel Technology (2)
AISTI (Associação Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação) (1)
Asian Institute of Technology (1)
Associazione Italiana Tecnico Economica del Cemento (1)
AiT Laboratories (1)
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine(1)
Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (1)
American Journal of Acupuncture (1)
American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery(1)
Australian Journal of Business and Management Research (1)
American Jewish Congress (2)
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (1)
American Journalism Historians Association(1)
American Journal of Health Promotion (1)
Antarctica Journal of Mathematics (1)
A.J.Institute of Medical Sciences (1)
Asian Journal of Chemistry (1)
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry (1)
Asian Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Research (1)
American Journal of Pharmacy and Health Research (1)
Asian Journal of Physics (1)
American Judicature Society (1)
Akdeniz University, Turkey (1)
AkiNik Publications (1)
A K Peters Ltd (2)
Academy of Knowledge Process (1)
Akshantala Enterprises (1)
Al Ameen Medical College, India (1)
Fondazione Alasca (1)
Albany Law School (2)
Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, Canada(2)
American Leather Chemists Association (1)
Australian Literacy Educators' Association (2)
A-lehdet Oy, Finland (1)
Alemannisches Institut (1)
Alexandrine Press (1)
Comunidad Alfa-Redi (1)
Liberal Arts and Sciences, Alfred University, NY (1)
Australian Library and Information Association (2)
Universidad de Alicante (1)
Association for Library and Information Science Education (1)
Alkim Basin Yayin Ltd. (1)
All Business (1)
Umberto Allemandi (1)
Allergy and Immunology Society of Thailand(1)
Alliance for Children and Families (1)
Asociación Latinoamericana de Producción Animal (1)
Australian Alpaca Association (1)
American Library Publishing Company (1)
AlphaMed Press (2)
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society(1)
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (1)
Alternative Comics (1)
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine(1)
Alternative Medicine Review, LLC (1)
Association of Legal Writing Directors (1)
American Arbitration Association (1)
American Art Review (1)
American Astronautical Society (1)
Ambient Press Limited (1)
American Botanical Council (1)
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (1)
American Diplomacy Publishers (1)
Asociación Médica de Puerto Rico(1)
American Educational Trust (1)
Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press (1)
The American Communication Association (1)
American Orthopsychiatric Association (1)
The American Folklore Society (1)
American Forests (1)
American Hospital Association (2)
Association of Moving Image Archivists (1)
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore (1)
American Medical Informatics Association (1)
American Musical Instrument Society (1)
American Journal of Science (1)
Ammons Scientific (2)
Australian Museums & Galleries OnLine (1)
Australasian Medical Publishing Company (1)
The American Philosophical Society (1)
American Pomological Society (2)
American Recorder Society (1)
Associação Médica do Rio Grande do Sul (1)
American School Counselor Association (1)
American Sciences Press, Inc. (1)
Australian Medical Student Journal (1)
Association of Muslim Social Scientists (2)
Association of Military Surgeons Of The U.S.(1)
American Music Therapy Association, Inc. (2)
American Medical Women's Association (1)
Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia (1)
Anadolu University / Anadolu Üniversitesi (1)
ANAE: Approche Neuropsychologique des Apprentissages chez l'Enfant (1)
Anaja P. Ingle (1)
ANATS (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing) (1)
Anderson Publishing, Ltd. (1)
Tatiana I. Andreeva (1)
Andrews University (1)
American Society of Andrology (1)
Australian Nursing Federation (2)
Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists (1)
Anil Aggrawal (2)
Animation Journal (1)
Animation Magazine Inc. (1)
Ankara University (2)
Ankara Microbiology Society (1)
The Annals of Medical Entomology (1)
Annals of Family Medicine (1)
Annals Publishing Company (1)
Anna Faktorovich (1)
USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism (2)
Dr. Annil Mahajan (1)
Ann Kibbey (1)
Anpere (1)
Aegean Neurological Society (2)
American Entomological Society (1)
Anthropology Department, Indiana University, Bloomington (1)
Anthropoetics (1)
Anthro Tech (1)
Dept of Historical Anthropology, Institute of Archeology, University of Warsaw (1)
The Association of Friends of Classical Art (1)
Universidad de Antioquia (1)
Anti-Racist Action Network (1)
Universita Pontifica Antonianum (1)
Anton Melik Geographical Institute (2)
AntropoWeb (1)
Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior (ANUIES) (1)
Australian National University, College of Law(1)
Anupam Prakash (1)
American Osteopathic Association (1)
AO Foundation (1)
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (1)
American Occupational Therapy Association(2)
Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica (AOTT) (1)
Academiei de Poliţie „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” (1)
Asociación Panamericana de Infectología (1)
Asociación Paleontológica Argentina (1)
Apeiron (1)
Aperture Foundation (1)
American Public Health Association (2)
Association of Physicians of India (1)
Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care (APICARE)(1)
API Network, Curtin University of Technology(1)
Association of Pharmaceutical Innovators (2)
Association for Politics and the Life Sciences(1)
Association des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes (APLV) (1)
American Podiatric Medical Association (2)
Aquatic Plant Management Society (1)
APN News & Media (1)
APN Publishing & Fulfillment Pte Ltd (1)
Aposta (1)
Association pour la Prévention de la Pollution Atmosphérique (APPA) (1)
Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company (1)
Appita Inc (2)
The American Psychoanalytic Association (1)
Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC(1)
American Paraplegia Society (1)
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (1)
Universitatea '1 Decembrie 1918' Alba Iulia, Romania (2)
Association for Qualitative Research (1)
Aquaculture Association of Canada (2)
Aqua Media International (1)
Arabian Gulf University (1)
American Arachnological Society (AAS) (1)
Arachnologische Gesellschaft e.V. (1)
Arányi Lajos Foundation (1)
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (1)
l'Arca International (1)
Institute of Archaeology, University College London (1)
Current Archaeology (2)
Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University, Australia (1)
Archivos de Psiquiatría (1)
Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University(1)
Asociación Argentina de Retórica (AAR) (1)
Ariadne, University of Bath (1)
Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona (1)
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1)
Arkat-USA, Inc (1)
Arkansas Medical Society (1)
Association of Research Libraries (1)
ARLIS/UK & Ireland (Art Libraries Society) (1)
Armada International (1)
Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique (1)
American Research Press (1)
Academic Research Publishing Agency (1)
Advance Research in Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals (1)
Arquitectura Viva SL (2)
American Roentgen Ray Society (1)
Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture (1)
Grupo Ars XXI de Comunicación (1)
Art Das Kunstmagazin (1)
Artforum International Magazine (1)
Arthur L. Davis Publishing (1)
The Art Institute of Chicago (1)
ARTnews LLC (1)
Art Press (1)
Archiving Early America (1)
Arvinius Förlag, Sweden (1)
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (2)
Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions (ASAHP) (1)
American Society of Animal Science (1)
Applied Science and Analysis, Inc. (ASA), and Science Application International Corporation (SAIC) (1)
The American Studies Association (1)
American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (1)
American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) (1)
Associated Schools of Construction (1)
ASCD (2)
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (1)
Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists(1)
American Society for Clinical Investigation(1)
The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (1)
American Society for Clinical Nutrition: (1)
American Society of Clinical Oncology (1)
American Society for Clinical Pathology (2)
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists(1)
American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2)
American Student Dental Association (1)
Action for Sustainable, Efficacious Development and Awareness (1)
ASEAN Neurological Association (1)
American Society for Engineering Management (1)
American Society of Exercise Physiologists(1)
Asociación Española de Profesores Universitarios de Matemáticas para la Economía y la Empresa (ASEPUMA) (1)
American Solar Energy Society (1)
Australian Society for Educational Technology (1)
ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society (2)
American Society for Enology and Viticulture(1)
Association Scientifique pour la Géologie et ses Applications (1)
American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (1)
American Society of Human Genetics (1)
Informa Pharmaceutical Science (formerly Ashley Publications) (2)
Ashley Mark Publishing Company (1)
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (1)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (2)
Astronomical Society of India (1)
Asian Press Group (1)
Asiatica Association (2)
The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (1)
The American Society of International Law(1)
American Society for Investigative Pathology(2)
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) (1)
Acoustical Society of Japan (2)
Australian School Library Association (1)
American Studies Leipzig (1)
The Association for Information Management(1)
American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics(2)
Aerospace Medical Association (1)
American Society of Mammalogists (2)
American Society of Nephrology (2)
American Society of Neuroradiology (1)
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (1)
American Society for Nutritional Sciences (1)
Anatomical Society of India (1)
American Society of Plant Biologists (2)
Association of Schools of Public Health (1)
The Asphalt Institute (1)
Association of Schools of Public Health in The European Region (2)
Associação Portuguesa de Profissionais em Sociologia Industrial das Organizações e do Trabalho (1)
Africana Studies - New York University (1)
Academy of Social and Political Research (1)
Aboriginal Studies Press (1)
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) (1)
American Society of Radiologic Technologists(2)
Association for Scientific Research, Turkey(1)
Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (1)
Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (1)
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (1)
American Society of Safety Engineers (1)
Association for Social Studies Educators (ASSE) (1)
Australian Society for the Study of Labour History (1)
Association of Professional Chaplains (1)
Association Intersciences (1)
Association of Psychophysiologists (1)
The Association for the Study of Southern Religion (1)
Australian Science Teachers Association (2)
American String Teachers Association (1)
ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) (1)
Association pour l'avancement des sciences et techniques de la documentation (l'ASTED)(1)
Association Scientifique et Technique pour l'Eau et l'Environnement (ASTEE) (1)
The American Society of Transportation & Logistics (1)
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (1)
Astronomical Observatory, Yugoslavia (1)
Astronomical Society of Japan (1)
Association for Symbolic Logic (2)
L'Association Tunisienne d'Anthropologie (1)
Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (1)
ATEC ITS France (1)
Editions de l'Atelier (1)
Ateneo de Manila University (1)
Athena Intelligence Foundation (1)
The Anglican Theological Review (1)
Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research (1)
Associazione Teriologica Italiana (1)
American Theological Library Association (ATLA) (1)
The Atlantic Monthly Group (1)
Atlantis Press (2)
Association of Transportation Law Professionals (1)
Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) (2)
Atreya Ayurveda Foundation (1)
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (USA) (1)
Acil Tıp Uzmanları Derneği / Emergency Medicine Physicians Assocation of Turkey (1)
Association of Third World Studies (1)
Atypon Systems (1)
American Urological Association (1)
American University of Beirut Medical Center(1)
The Cancer Council Australia (1)
Audio Engineering Society, Inc (1)
Auerbach Publications (1)
American University of Paris (1)
Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) (1)
Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (1)
Association of the United States Army (1)
Australian Anthropological Society (1)
Australasian Catholic Record (1)
Australian Dental Association (2)
Australian Dance Council - Ausdance Inc. (1)
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (1)
Auslib Press (1)
Australian Map Circle Inc. (1)
Australasian Medical Journal Pty. Ltd. (1)
Australian Society of Anaesthetists (1)
Australian Sports Commission (1)
Australian Prescriber (1)
Austasia Aquaculture (1)
Australian Music Therapy Association (1)
Australian Physiotherapy Association (1)
Austral Internet Publishing (1)
Auckland University of Technology (1)
Auto&Design (1)
Autrement (1)
Australian Veterinary Association (2)
Association for Vascular Access (2)
Avicena Publisher (2)
Avicenna Research Institute, Iran (2)
American Veterinary Medicine Association (2)
Australian Water Assocation (1)
American Wind Energy Association (1)
Animal Welfare Information Center, United States Department of Agriculture (1)
Architectural Woodwork Institute (1)
Australian War Memorial (1)
American Water Resources Association (2)
The Association for Welsh Writing in English(1)
Axis Academic Foundation Press, Iaşi(1)
AYMAN Verlag- und Media-Service (1)
Ayub Medical College (1)
Azerbaijan Mathematical Society (1)
British Astronomical Society (1)
British Association for Adoption and Fostering(1)
British Association for American Studies (2)
The Charles Babbage Research Centre (1)
The British Association Of Dental Nurses (1)
Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde(1)
Ben Agger (1)
Bahria University, Pakistan (1)
British Agricultural History Society (1)
Bank Administration Institute (1)
British Art Journal (1)
Balikesir University, Turkey (1)
Ball State University (1)
Federación Extremeña de Balonmano (1)
Banach Mathematical Research Group (BMRG) (1)
BANC (1)
American Bandmasters Association (1)
Bangladesh Society of Medicine (1)
Bangladesh Sociological Society (1)
Banipal (1)
Revue Banque (1)
The Bard Graduate Center (1)
Barkhuis (1)
American Malting Barley Association, Inc. (1)
Bartin University, Turkey (1)
Bases Publications (2)
Baylor Health Care System (1)
Baylor University (1)
BBC Magazines Limited (1)
Boulder Business Information Inc. (1)
British Columbi Medical Association (1)
Biological Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences - Cracow Branch (1)
Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce (1)
Business Essay Consultancy Center (2)
Becker Associates (1)
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (1)
Beilstein Institut (2)
Business Ethics Journal Review (1)
Verlagsgruppe BELTZ (1)
British Entomological and Natural History Society (1)
Business and Economics Research Journal(1)
Berkut (1)
Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability (1)
Betriebs-Berater (2)
Beytulhikme An International Journal of Philosophy (1)
Federal Research Centre for Fisheries, Hamburg (1)
British Film Institute (1)
Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana(1)
Belgischen Germanisten- und Deutschlehrerverband (1)
British Geomorphological Research Group (1)
Bowling Green State University (1)
Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences (1)
The Centre for Bhutan Studies (1)
Biblical Archaeology Society (1)
Biblio-fr (1)
Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació, Universitat de Barcelona(1)
Bielefeld University, Germany (2)
Editorial Bienza (1)
Botanische Institut der LMU München(1)
British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (1)
Fernand Braudel Center, Binghamton University, NY (1) (1)
BioCommunications LLC (1)
Biological Diversity and Conservation (1)
Biola University (2)
Biology and Medicine (1)
Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences (1)
Institute of Biomedical Science (1)
BioMedSciDirect Publications (1)
Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova viale (1)
Biophysical Society (1)
Frontiers in Bioscience (1)
Society for Applied Biotechnology (1)
Biotron Institute, Kyushu University (2)
Ukrainica Bioorganica Acta (1)
Division of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (1)
British Institute of Persian Studies (1)
The Birchley Hall Press (1)
Birdlife Finland (1)
Birds Australia / Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union (1)
The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (1)
British Interplanetary Society (2)
Bishop Heber College, India (1)
BiTech Publishers Ltd. (1)
Turkish Biochemical Society (1)
British Journal of Mormon Studies (1)
British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery (1)
British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society (1)
Bliss Magazine (1)
Blood-Horse Publications (1)
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor (1)
Bangladesh Medical Research Council (1)
Brill Media Ventures (1)
BNA International (1)
BNA Tax and Accounting (1)
O Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) (1)
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (1)
Boalt Hall School of Law (1)
Hans-Böckler-Stiftung (1)
Boise State University (1)
Business and Organization Ethics Network (1)
Bonnier Corporation (2)
Borderlands E-Journal (1)
Boston University (2)
The Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (1)
British Psychological Society (1)
British Records Association (1)
Brandes & Apsel Verlag (1)
Brawijaya University, Indonesia (1)
Braybrooke Press (2)
Australian Breastfeeding Association (1)
International Brecht Society (IBS) (1)
Anton Breinl Centre, School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences, James Cook University. (1)
Brepols Publishers (1)
BRGM, France (1)
Bridgewater State College (1)
Brisbane Circle (1)
Botanical Research Institute of Texas (2)
Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity (1)
Oxford Brookes University (1)
Brooklyn Law School (1)
Brotéria (1)
Brown University USA (1)
Budgetary Research Review (1)
School of Arts, Brunel University, UK (1)
British School at Athens (1)
British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (1)
Balkan Society of Geometers - Geometry Balkan Press (2)
Behaviormetric Society of Japan (2)
Business Systems Laboratory (1)
Botanical Society of America (2)
Société Belge d'Ophtalmologie.(1)
The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia (1)
Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Microbiology and Public Health (1)
Biblical Studies on the Web (2)
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (1)
Technical College, Bourgas (1)
Boston University African Studies Center (2)
BuchMarkt Verlag (1)
Buenmafe Media and Research (1)
Bulletin de Psychologie (1)
Bundesdenkmalamt (BDA) (1)
Balikesir University Necatibey Faculty of Education (1)
Michel Burton Communication (1)
Helmut Buske Verlag (1)
British Veterinary Association (2)
Brigham Young University (2)
Byzantion (1)
College Art Association (1)
Canadian Academic Accounting Association(2)
Canadian Acoustical Association (1)
Canadian Association of African Studies (1)
Classical Association of the Atlantic States (1)
Cabell Publishing Inc. (1)
Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (1)
The Classical Association of Canada (1)
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (1)
Canadian Apparel Federation (1)
Cafet-Innova Publications (1)
Cahiers du Cinema (1)
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (1)
California Dental Association (1)
CALICO - Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (1)
Callwey Verlag (2)
Calcutta Mathematical Society (2)
Canadian Association for Leisure Studies (1)
Cambridge Medical Publications (2)
Cambridge Media, Australia (2)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas (2)
Canadian Association for Music Therapy (1)
American Cancer Society (1)
Canon Communications LLC (1)
Canadian Geographic Enterprises (1)
Canadian Association of Neurological and Neurosurgical Nurses (2)
Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists (1)
Cancer Research Institute (1)
Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (1)
The Canadian Water Resources Association(1)
Capamara Communications (2)
La Casa Editrice di Licino Cappelli (1)
Carayan Press (1)
CardioFront LLC (1) (2)
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (1)
Association for Career and Technical Education (1)
Caretaker Communications (1)
Caribbean Journal of Science (1)
Edizioni Carmelitane (1)
College & Association Of Registered Nurses of Alberta (1)
Carol Davila University of Medicine Bucharest, Romania (1)
La Caronica (1)
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (2)
Caspian Media (1)
The Catalyst Group and The Catalyst Group Resources (1)
The Catholic Biblical Association of America(1)
Catholic Medical Association (1)
Cato Institute (1)
Centre for Applied Theatre Research, Griffith University (1)
Canadian Association for Translation Studies / Association Canadienne de Traductologie(1)
Caucasian Review of International Affairs (1)
College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baños (1)
Chem-Bio Informatics Society (1)
CBS Fungal Diversity Centre (1)
Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (1)
Research Centre in Public Administration and Public Services (CCASP), University of Economics, Bucharest, Romania (1)
Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics(1)
Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) (1)
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1)
Canadian College of Health Leaders (1)
Canadian Criminal Justice Association (1)
Canadian Committee on Labour History (1)
Cognitive - Counselling, Research & Conference Services (1)
Center for Comparative Studies, Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, Portugal (1)
The Centre for Constitutional Studies (2)
Center for Chinese Studies (1)
Congenital Cardiology Today (2)
Comunidad Virtual Ciencias del Deporte (1)
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (2)
Library of Congress (2)
Conseil de développement de la recherche sur la famille du Québec (CDRFQ) (1)
Community Development Society (1)
Centre de Sociologie et de Démographie Médicales (1)
Chicago Dental Society (1)
CEBEDEAU - Centre Belge d'Étude et de Documentation de l''Eau (2)
Council For Children with Behavioral Disorders, Council for Exceptional Children(1)
The Association for the Gifted, Council for Exceptional Children (1)
Technology and Media Division, Council for Exceptional Children (1)
Creative Education Foundation (1)
Centrum voor Studie en Documentatie van Latijns Amerika (CEDLA) (2)
Chemical Engineering Department, University of Florida (1)
Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED), India (1)
Center for Environment and Energy Research and Studies (1)
Centro de Estudios de Historia del Antiguo Oriente, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Católica Argentina (1)
Center for Enhancing Knowledge (1)
NUS Centre for English Language Communication (1)
Celesta Software Pvt Ltd (2)
Cello Press (1)
Cell Press (1)
Cemento Hormigón (1)
Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos (CEMLA) (1)
Center for Academic Publications, Japan (1)
Centro de Estudos em Geopolítica e Relações Internacionais (CENEGRI) (1)
Century Publishing (2)
Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink (1)
CEOs Ltd (1)
Centro de Estudios Públicos, Chile (1)
Centro Editoriale Pubblicitario Italiano (1)
Ceramics Art and Perception (2)
American Ceramics Society (1)
Centre de Recherche et d'Action Sociales (1)
Editions du CERF (2)
Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (1)
Canadian Energy Research Institute (1)
Cercle Linguistique du Centre et de l'Ouest(1)
CERN Scientific Information Service (1)
Center for Economic Studies at Ludwig Maximilians University (1)
Centro de Estudios Sefardies de Caracas (1)
Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale, Université de Poitiers, France (2)
Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis(2)
Central European University (2)
Commonwealth Forestry Association (1)
CFA Institute (1)
Center for AIDS (1)
Comités Français de la Géotechnique et de la Géologie de l'Ingénieur (1)
Copernicus Foundation for Polish Astronomy(1)
The College of Family Physicians of Canada(1)
Council on Foreign Relations (1)
Council for Responsible Genetics (1)
Center for Global Peace, American University(1)
Center for Great Plains Studies (2)
Canadian Geriatrics Society (1)
Czech Geological Survey (1)
Chadwick House Publishing (2)
Chamberlain Dunn (1)
ChanRe Journals (1)
Charleston Advisor (1)
Cork Historical & Archaeological Society (1)
Chase Cambria Company (Publishing) Ltd. (1)
Société Historique du Canada / Canadian Historical Association (1)
Chatham House (1)
Chauhan Publishers (1)
Catholic Health Association USA (1)
Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society (1)
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Chemical Society of Pakistan (1)
Chemical Week Associates (1)
GK Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture (1)
Le Monastère de Chevetogne, (1)
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (1)
CH II Publishers (1)
Revista de Chimie (1)
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Chloris Chilensis (1)
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CiberSociedad (1)
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El Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas (CICIMAR) (1)
Chinese Institute of Design, Taiwan (1)
Center for Indian Education of the College of Education at Arizona State University (1)
Centrode Investigacao e Estudos de Sociologia (1)
Centro Internacional de Estudios Superiores de Comunicación para América Latina (CIESPAL) (1)
Canadian Institute of Forestry (1)
Canadian Institute of Geomatics (1)
Casa Editrice Il Cigno Galileo Galilei, Roma(1)
International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR) (1)
Canadian International Council (2)
Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences (1)
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Callaway International Resource Centre for Music Education, University of Western Australia (1)
International Academy for Production Engineering (1)
Center for Islam and Science (1)
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Cambridge Intermational Science Publishing Ltd. (1)
Centre for Information Technology Studies as a Human Science (ITH) (1)
Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management (2)
Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research (1)
Criminal Justice Center, Sam Houston State University (1)
Chemistry Journal on Internet (1)
Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences(1)
Chicago-Kent College of Law (1)
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Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Action, India (2)
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (1)
College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Nepal (1)
The Center for Migration Studies of New York, Inc. (1)
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Constanta Maritime University (1)
Consociazione Nazionale Associazioni Infermiere (1)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (1)
La Cité Nationale de l'Histoire de l'Immigration (1)
Council for the National Interest, Australia (1)
Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure(1)
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School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (1)
COMADEM International (1)
Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (1)
Consejo Mexicano de Investigación Educativa (1)
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Groupe CPI Media (1)
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Centre for Promoting Ideas (1)
Center for Peace and Justice Education, Villanova University (1)
Centre for Promotion of Multidisciplinary Research (2)
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (1)
Crop Protection Research Centre, Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Tamil Nadu(1)
Committee on Polar Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (2)
Croatian Physical Society (2)
College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan(1)
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Collectif de Recherce et d'Experimentation sur L'Ensignement du Francais (1)
Center for Research Promotion (1)
Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental (Reference Center for Environmental Information), Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. (1)
Critical Social Work (1)
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Croatian Society of Food Technologists, Biotechnologists and Nutritionists (CROFOST)(1)
Croatian Mathematical Society (1)
Hrvatski lijecnicki zbor - Podružnica Rijeka / Croatian Medical Association - Branch of Rijeka. (1)
Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers (1)
Associazione Crossing Dialogues (1)
Cryoletters (1)
Centre for Research in Young People's Text and Cultures, Winnipeg (2)
Centre for Studies in Australian Music, University of Melbourne (1)
Culture, Society & Praxis (1)
Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE)(1)
Center for Study and Control of Alcoholism and Addictions, Zagreb, Croatia (1)
Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1)
Croatian Society of Chemists and Engineers(1)
Czech Chemical Society (1)
Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation(1)
Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology(1)
Clinic for Stem Cell Transplantation, Center of Oncology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Hamburg (1)
Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior, Inc. (1)
Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (1)
Centre de sociologie européenne (1)
Center for Satellite Engineering Research (1)
Center for the Study of the First Americans (2)
Canadian Society of Forensic Science (1)
Center for the Study of Group Processes, University of Iowa (1)
Cardiological Society of India (1)
Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering(1)
Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (1)
Connecticut State Medical Society (1)
Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan (1)
Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (1)
Center for the Study of Religion and Society, Creighton University (1)
Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT) (1)
Crops Science Society of America (1)
Cactus and Succulent Society of America (2)
Canadian Society of the Study of Education (CSSE) (1)
Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (1)
The Centre for Security Sector Management(1)
Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation and Educational Policy (1)
Information Systems Department, College of Business Administration, California State University at Long Beach (1)
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University (1)
Cal Poly Pomona (1)
Centre for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt University (1)
Copyright Society of the USA (1)
Council on Social Work Education (1)
Canadian Tax Foundation (1)
Ctheory (1)
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CTO Data Services Co. (2)
Christian Theological Research Fellowship(1)
Current Trends in Technology & Sciences (1)
Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America (1)
City University of Hong Kong Press (1)
Cultural Survival (2)
Culture Machine (1)
Cumberland School of Law at Samford University (1)
Canadian University Music Society (2)
Research Center for Music Iconography of the City University of New York Graduate School, c1999- (2)
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Dannemiller Memorial Educational Foundation (1)
DAOL Team, Communication Studies, Sheffield Hallam University (1)
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Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia (1)
Centro Editoriale Dehoniano (CED) (2)
Delta AIDS Education and Training Center (1)
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Ontario Dental Association (1)
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The Derbyshire Archaeological Society (1)
Der Phama Chemica (1)
de Sitter Publications (1)
DEStech Publications (1)
Deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft(1)
Dominican Fathers Province of St. Joseph (1)
Department of Forest Research and Survey (DFRS), Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal (1)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie e.V. und Intensivmedizin (1)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. (DGAP) (1)
Department of Glass and Ceramics, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (1)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiotechnik(1)
DGI eV (1)
Département de Géographie de l'Université Laval (1)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Moor- und Torfkunde (1)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde e.V. (2)
German Psychology Society (1)
Department of Health and Ageing, Australia(1)
Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore (1)
Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation (1)
Dental Hypotheses (1)
Dairy Industry Association of Australia (2)
Canadian Diabetes Association (1)
Drug Information Association (1)
Thomson Dialog (1)
Dictum (1)
Dietitians of Canada (1)
Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik gGmbH(1)
Digital Medievalist (1)
Danish Institute for International Studies (1)
Deutsches Institut für Rational-Emotive & Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie (DIREKT e.V.)(1)
Digital Information Research Foundation (1)
Discover Media (1)
Disease and Molecular Medicine (1)
Dissonanz (1)
D.J. College of Dental Sciences and Research(1)
Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (1)
Dental Learning Sytems (1)
Dauphine Marketing Stratégie Prospective (DMSP) (1)
Department of Mathematics, University of Turin (1)
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (1)
Department of Conservation, NZ (1)
Domus Magazine (Italy) (1)
Donetsk National University, Ukraine (1)
Universität Dortmund (1)
Dowden Health Media (1)
Dow Jones & Company (2)
Down Syndrome Educational Trust (1)
Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (1)
DPPVN - Društvo za proučevanje ptic in varstvo narave (1)
Department of Plant Resources, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal. (1)
Defence Research & Development Organisation, India (1)
DRI (1)
Drogo Research (1)
Doctors Reform Society of Australia (1)
DRUNPP Sarajevo (1)
Decision Sciences Institute, Georgia State University (1)
Dipartimento di Scienze della politica, dell'università di Pisa (1)
Dansk Sygeplejeråd (1)
Turkish-German Gynecological Association(1)
University of Dubrovnik (1)
University of Düsseldorf (1)
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Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University (1)
Düzce University, Turkey (1)
DVS Verlag (2)
Department for Work and Pensions, UK (1)
European Association for Aquatic Mammals(1)
International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (1)
Hellenic Society of Haematology (1)
Universidad EAFIT, Colombia (1)
European Association of Fish Pathologists (1)
European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (1)
European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS) (1)
Energy Auditor & Retrofitter Inc (1)
European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (2)
European Association of Science Editors (EASE) (1)
Equal Access to Software and Information (1)
Electronic Information Bulletin for Librarians(1)
EB Practice, LLC (2)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1)
Evolution, Complexity and Cognition Group, Free University of Brussels (1)
e-Century Publishing Corporation (2)
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Ecological Society of Nepal (1)
Economic Society of Australia (1)
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Educational Theatre Association (1)
EDTNA/ERCA European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association / European Renal Care Association (2)
Educom - Associação Portuguesa de Telemática Educativa (1)
Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maring(1)
EduRad (1)
Edusc s.r.l (1)
Education and Upbringing Publishing, Minsk, Belarus (1)
English Department, University of Western Australia (1)
Ediciones El Almendro de Córdoba (1)
Edison Electric Institute (1)
Espacio de Estudios Migratorios (1)
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute(1)
The Egypt Exploration Society (1)
The Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society, India (1)
The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) (2)
The Effective Therapy Institute LLC (1)
European Forest Institute (1)
Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science(1)
Escola Galega de Administración Pública (1)
Egyptian Chemical Society (1)
E-Health Professionals Limited (1)
Environmental Health Information Service (1)
Ehlert Publishing Group, Inc. (1)
Excogitation & Innovation Laboratory (1)
Enterprise Information Management Pty Ltd(1)
Engineering Integrity Society (1)
Extension Journal, Inc. (1)
e-Journal of Dentistry (1)
Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Research (1)
Wydawnictwo Akademii Rolniczej we Wrocławiu (1)
Electronic Journal 'Technical Acoustics' (EJTA) (2)
Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture (1)
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies (1)
El Croquis (1)
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Eleven International Publishing (1)
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Economic Laboratory for Transition Research(1)
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The Electronic Law Journals Project, The University of Warwick (2)
Elliott & Fitzpatrick (1)
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Estonian University of Life Sciences (1)
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Faculty of Engineering, Monash University (1)
EngineersPress, Vienna, Austria (1)
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University of Idaho, English Department (1)
Enigma Publishing Ltd (2)
enssib (1)
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Entomological Society of Copenhagen (1)
Entomological Society of Iran (1)
Entomological Society of Ontario (2)
Entomological Society of Washington (2)
Environment Canada (1)
European Power Electronics And Drives Association (1)
European Polymer Federation (1)
EpiMonitor.NET (1)
Linköpings University Electronic Press(2)
EPP Publications (1)
Association of Engineering, Project, and Production Management (EPPM), Pingtung, Taiwan (1)
Education Policy Studies Laboratory, College of Education, Arizona State University (1)
Economic and Political Weekly (1)
EQES Inc (1)
The European & International Research Group on Crime, Ethics and Social Philosophy (ERCES) (1)
Energy Research Centre (1)
Erfurt University (1)
Ergon Verlag (1)
Ergon, Spain (1)
ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education (1)
European Researcher (1)
European Research Network on Aquatic Invasive Species (ERNAIS) (1)
ESAB (1)
eScene (1)
Entomological Society of Canada (2)
EServer (1)
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Espace ID (1)
Espaces Marx (1)
ESP World (1)
Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation(2)
Engineering and Scientific Research Groups (ESRGroups) (1)
Essachess - Journal for Communication Studies (1)
The Egyptian Society of Solids State Science and Applications (1)
Estudio Sigma (1)
Educational Sciences R&D Unit of the University of Lisbon (1)
Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (1)
Groupe ETAI (1)
Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research (1)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)
Ethnomusicology Online (1)
ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (1)
Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (1)
Etudes (1)
The European Union Control Association (1)
EUCC - The Coastal Union (1)
Project Euclid (2)
European Scientific Institute (1), Universidad de Málaga (1)
Euratex - The European Apparel and Textile Confederation (1)
European Institute for Communication and Culture (1)
Eurjchem Publishing (1)
European Commission (1)
European Federation of Geologists (1)
Institutul European, Romania (1)
Europia Productions (2)
European Quality Publications Ltd (1)
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Excelligence Learning Corporation (1)
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Expert Verlag (2)
Elsie Y. Cross & Associates, Inc. (1)
Canadian Ophthalmological Society (1)
Electrotechnical Society of Slovenia (1)
Faculty of Administration and Business, University of Bucharest (2)
Federación Bioquímica de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (1)
Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ankara (1)
Fabrizio Serra Editore (1)
Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire, Université de Liège, Belgium (1)
Federation of American Hospitals (1)
Fairmont Press, Inc. (1)
Fair Partners Publishers, Romania (1)
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb (1)
ForestAction Nepal (1)
Vereinigung der Französischlehrerinnen und -lehrer e.V (1)
Far East Research Centre (2)
Farran Media (1)
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (1)
Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo (1)
Florida Atlantic University (1)
Faversham House Group (1)
Fawcette Technical Publications (2)
Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals (FBN), Dummerstorf, Germany (1)
Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (1)
Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico(1)
Fundación Catalana Síndrome de Down (1)
Foundation for Curriculum Theory (1)
US Food and Drug Administration (1)
FDANews (1)
Le Français dans le Monde (1)
Federation Press (1)
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research(1)
Feminista (1)
Phenomenological Society of Ljubljana (1)
Foundation for Environmental Protection and Research (FEPR) (1)
FernUniversität in Hagen, Denmark (1)
Ferris State University (1)
Fetzer Institute (1)
Faculty of Food and Agriculture, United Arab Emirates University (2)
Fédération Française de Spéléologie (1)
Facultad de Farmacia de la Universidad de Granada (1)
Giordano dell'Amore Foundation (2)
Faculty of Humanities, University of Tromsø (1)
Federal Highway Administration, United States Department of Transportation (1)
Facultatea de Inginerie Alimentara, Universitatea Ştefan cel Mare Suceava(1)
Federazione Italiana Di Atletica Leggera (1)
Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, 'Politehnica' University of Timisoara, Romania (2)
Federación Iberolatinoamericana de Cirugía Plástica (1)
Historians' Film Committee and The Film and History Center (1)
Film Society of Lincoln Center (1)
Centro de Filosofia da UL (1)
Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica (FIMA) (1)
International Federation of Sports Medicine(1)
Financial Times (2)
Ediciones Finlay (1)
Finnish Anthropological Society (1)
The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) (1)
The First Church of Christ, Scientist (1)
First Monday (1)
Sociedad Colombiana de Física (1)
Florida Entomological Society (1)
Fundación Lázaro Galdiano (1)
Flight Safety Foundation (2)
Centre for Scandanavian Studies, Flinders University (1)
FLM Publishing Assoc (1)
Florida Academy of Sciences (1) (1)
Financial Management Association International (FMA) (2)
Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu (1)
Faculty of Management Koper, University of Primorska (1)
Francisco Morán (1)
Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, Technical University in Košice (1)
First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada (1)
La Fédération Nationale des Ecoles des Parents et des Educateurs (FNEPE)(1)
Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) (1)
Folklore Department of the Institute of the Estonian Language (1)
The Folly Fellowship (1)
Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb (1)
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Federation of Sports Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia (2)
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Gran Paradiso National Park (1)
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Irish-American Cultural Institute (1)
International Association for Computer Information Systems (1)
Indian Association of Cardiovascular- Thoracic Surgeons (1)
International Association of Dredging Companies (1)
IADIS - International Association for Development of the Information Society (2)
International Atomic Energy Agency (1)
Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço-IAE). (1)
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Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberia (1)
Institut für Axiologische Forschungen(1)
Irish Accounting and Finance Association (IAFA) (1)
Inter-American Foundation (1)
International Association For Food Protection(1)
Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences (1)
International Association of Hydrogeologists(1)
International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (2)
International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (1)
Institute of Art and Law (1)
Irish Academy of Management (1)
International Association of Music Libraries(1)
Institute of Agricultural Medicine in Lublin, Poland (1)
Ian Collins, Skopje, Macedonia (1)
International Association of Orofacial Myology (1)
International Association for Orthodontics (1)
International Association of Physicians in Audiology (1)
International Association of Ports and Harbors(1)
Indian Academy of Pediatrics (1)
Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Karnataka State Branch (1)
Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand (IAPSMUPUK) State Chapter (1)
The International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (1)
International Association for Plant Taxonomy(1)
International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) (1)
Instituto de Adaptação e Inserção na Sociedade da Informação (1)
International Association of School Librarianship (1)
Indian Association of Special Libraries and Infomation Centres (1)
International Association for the Study of Popular Music (1)
Iowa State University (1)
International Antiviral Society–USA (1)
European Federation of Animal Technologists(1)
International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (2)
Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah, Iran(1)
Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologists, Immunologists and Specialists in Infectious Diseases (1)
College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1)
International Board on Books for Young People (1)
中国科学院植物研究所 (1)
Interdisciplinary Bio Central (IBC) (1)
IBJ Associates, UK (1)
IBM (2)
International Bone and Mineral Society (1)
Ibnosina Medical Association (1)
Instituto de Botánica Darwinion (2)
Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais (1)
International Biometric Society (1)
International Business Verlag GmbH (1)
Indian College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (1)
International Civil Aviation Organization (1)
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Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences (1)
Institute for Communication and Culture (1)
International Centre for Diffraction Data (1)
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (2)
International Centre for Eye Health (1)
Institut de Ciències de l'Educació de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1)
Islamic Coins Group (1)
International Computer Games Association (ICGA) (1)
The International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance (ICHPER-SD) (1)
National Institute for R&D in Informatics (1)
Institute of Classical Studies, University of London (1)
International Center of Medieval Art (1)
Institute of Condensed Matter Physics (1)
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law(1)
Iconesoft Edizioni (1) (1)
ICR Publishers (1)
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) (1)
International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)(1)
Institute for Classical Studies, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (2)
International College of Surgeons (1)
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) (1)
Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros - CSIC (1)
Idaho State University (1)
Indian Dental Association Kunnamkulam branch (1)
IDATE - Institut de l'Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications en Europe(1)
l'Institut de Droit Canonique de Strasbourg, l'Université Marc Bloch (1)
Croatian Interdisciplinary Society (1)
Interior Design Educators Council (1)
International Data Group (IDG) (2)
The Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers (1)
Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (2)
Instytut Dendrologii (Polska Akademia Nauk)(1)
Institute of Development Studies (1)
Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Research Center, Shaheed Beheshti Medical University,Tehran, Iran (1)
The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB)(1)
Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University (1)
International Energy and Environment Foundation (1)
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (1)
Irish Historical Studies Publications Ltd. (1)
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) (1)
IEJEE-Green (1)
Institut für Ethnologie, Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie (1)
Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (1)
The Institute for Education Policy Studies (1)
European Institute of Romania (1)
Indian Endodontic Society (1)
The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) (1)
Israel Exploration Society (1)
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (1)
Instituto de Estudios Turísticos (1)
Institute of Euro-Asian Studies, Cyprus (1)
IFAF Business School, Italy (1)
Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale du Caire (1)
International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) (1)
International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (1)
The International Foundation for Gender Education. (1)
International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) (1)
Institut für Internationale Architektur-Dokumentation GmbH & Co (1)
Ifilosofie Online Publishing House (1)
IFIS Publishing (1)
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (1)
Instituto de Física de Líquidos y Sistemas Biológicos (1)
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (1)
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (2)
Iranian Fisheries Research Organization (1)
Institute of Forensic Research Publishers (1)
Institute of Financial and Strategic Decisions(1)
Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) (2)
Institute of Food Technologists (2)
Institute for Transportation Inc. (1)
International Group for Consulting and Training (IGCT) (1)
Instituto de Geociências - Universidade de São Paulo (1)
Iğdır University (1)
Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (1)
Illinois Geographical Society (1)
Geological Institute of Romania / Institutul Geologic al Romaniei (1)
International Glacial Society (2)
IGT Verlag (1)
Institut d'Histoire de l'Amérique Française (1)
IHC Holland (1)
Institut d'Hypnose Clinique et Sexologique (1)
Iranian Hospital, Dubai (1)
Polska Akademia Nauk - Instytut Historii (1)
Institute of Health Promotion and Education(1)
International Association for Human Resources Information Management (1)
Indian Health Service (1)
Institute of Historical Studies, Calcutta (1)
Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research(1)
International Institute of Anticancer Research(1)
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (1)
International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) (1)
IIB (1)
IIBR (Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research) (1)
International Institute of Communications (1)
IIED-América Latina (1)
Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Buenos Aires (1)
Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology (IIOAB) (1)
International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (1)
Institutes of Industrial Relations, UCLA (1)
The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) (1)
International Islamic University Malaysia (2)
International Institute of Welding (1)
Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering(CSAE) and Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological and Food Engineers (AOCABFE) (1)
International Journal of Applied Educational Studies (IJAES) (1)
International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJAET) (1)
International Journal of Advances in Power Systems (1)
International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science (IJARCS) (1)
International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology (1)
International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology (1)
Crossroad (1)
International Journal for Agro Veterinary and Medical Sciences (IJAVMS) (1)
International Association for Jazz Education(1)
Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research (1)
International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences (1)
International Journal of Biomedical Research (IJBR) (1)
International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management (1)
International Journal of BioSciences and Technology (1)
International Journal of Community Currency Research (1)
International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences (1)
International Journal of Computer and Network Security (1)
International Journal of Caring Sciences (1)
International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology (1)
International Journal of Computer Science & Emerging Technologies (1)
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security (1)
IJCSMC Publishing Team (1)
International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing (1)
International Journal of Contemporary Technology and Management (1)
International Journal of Dental Case Reports(1)
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (1)
International Journal of Enterprise Computing and Business Systems (IJECBS) (1)
International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering (1)
International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories (1)
ERES International Journals (1)
International Journal of Engineering Research (1)
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (1)
International Journal of Engineering and Science Research (1)
International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics (1)
International Journal of Finance and Management (1)
International Journal of Geometry (1)
International Journal on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems (1)
International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (1)
International Journal of Information Science and Computer Application (1)
International Journal of Innovative Science and Modern Engineering (1)
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (1)
International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research (1)
International Journal of Life Sciences and Technology (1)
International Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research (1)
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (1)
IJME (1)
International Journal of Management, Economics & Social Sciences (1)
International Journals of Medical and Health Research (2)
International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (1)
International Journal of Medical Research & Review (1)
International Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Applications (1)
International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing (1)
International Journal of Medical Students (IJMS) (1)
International Journal of Medical Sciences and Technology (1)
SkillsClinic Limited (1)
The Management Council of the International Journal of Diabetes (1)
International Journal of Pharmacy and Integrated Life Sciences (1)
iJournals (1)
Institute of Psychoanalysis (1)
International Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences and Technology (1)
IJPBS Scientific Publications (1)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, Inc. (1)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Sciences (IJPCBS)(1)
International Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry(1)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences (1)
The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Bioscience (IJPRBS) (1)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research (1)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (1)
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology (1)
International Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (1)
International Journal of Research in Computer Applications and Robotics (1)
International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment (IJRCE) (1)
International Journal of Research & Development of Health (1)
International Journal of Research in Health Sciences (1)
International Journal of Research in Information Technology (1)
Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology (1)
International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Chemistry (IJRPC) (1)
International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Nano Sciences (1)
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (1)
Institute of Jerusalem Studies (1)
International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (1)
International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations (1)
International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology (1)
International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology (1)
International Journals of Scientific Research Publications (1)
International Journal of Social Sciences and Education (1)
International Journal of Therapies and Rehabilitation Research (1)
I.K. International Pvt. Ltd. (2)
Inštitut za Kovinske Materiale Tehnologije, Ljubljana, Slovenija (1)
International Linguistic Association (1)
Institute of Mathematical Geography (1)
ImagineCeramic (2)
Society for Imaging Science and Technology(1)
Internationaler Mariologischer Arbeitskreis Kevelaer (IMAK) (1)
InfoMedia Asia Limited (1)
Idara -i- Tahqeeqat -e- Imam Ahmad Raza International (2)
Institute of Management Accountants (2)
Institute for Media and Communications Management (1)
Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb, Croatia (1)
Irish Medical Organisation (1)
Impact Journals (1)
International Marketing Reports Ltd (1)
Indian Medical Students' Association (2)
Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (1)
Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar(1)
Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua (1)
Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare in Constructii (1)
The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA (INCE/USA) (1)
Indian Association of Clinical Medicine (1)
Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine (1)
Indian Chemical Society (1)
Indian Economics Journal (1)
Independent Digital (1)
National Folklore Support Centre (1)
Indiana University, Bloomington (1)
Indian Journal of Field Veterinarian Academa Publishers (1)
Indice Coop (1)
Indiana University School of Law (2)
The Indian Journal of Economics (1)
Indian Journals (1)
Indian Academy of Neurosciences (1)
Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1)
Indian Prosthodontic Society (1)
Indian Rheumatology Association (1)
Indian Society of Earthquake Technology (1)
Industrie Service (1)
INECSE - El Instituto Nacional de Evaluación y Calidad del Sistema Educativo (1)
Inese (1)
International Nutrition Foundation (1)
Infix (1)
INFOREC Association, Romania (1)
Forest Research Institute, India (1)
Information for Social Change (1)
Info World (1)
Ingenta (1)
International Network for the History of Public Health (1)
Unidade Universitária de Inhumas (1)
Iniziative Sanitarie (1)
Indian Journals and Research Publications(1)
Indian Journal of Stomatology (1)
Institute for Nuclear Materials Management(1)
Innovative Association (1)
InnoVision (1)
National Institute of Research & Development for Optoelectronics, Romania (1)
Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, Trieste, Italy (1)
Inquiry Journal & Excellus Health Plan, Inc.(1)
INRA (1)
International Vladimir Nabokov Society (1)
Insect Biodiversity Research Group (1)
L'Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (INSEE) (1)
Institue of Sport, Warsaw (1)
Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies(1)
Institute of Oceanology PAS (1)
Insula (1)
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (1)
International Congregational Fellowship (1)
InterDok Corporation (2)
International Dyslexia Association (1)
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IOMA & The Bureau of National Affairs (1)
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International Organisations Research Institute(1)
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health(1)
International Oracle Users Group (1)
Instituto Oceanográfico, Universidade de São Paulo (1)
Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development (IPAID) at Yonsei University, South Korea (1)
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IPC Media (1)
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Internationale Pharmaceutica Sciencia (1)
Irish Philosophical Journal (1)
Institute of Physics, University of Latvia (2)
International Public Management Association for Human Resources (1)
Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering (1)
Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law, Munich (1)
Instituto Politécnico Nacional (1)
IPOL Image Processing On Line (1)
Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (1)
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (2)
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences(2)
Indian Political Science Association (1)
Indian Psychiatric Society, Andhra Pradesh State Branch (1)
Ipsoa (1)
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IQRA University Karachi (1)
Iraqi Ministry of Health (1)
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Iranian Research & Development Center for Chemical Industries (IRDCI)(1)
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Innovative Research Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan (1)
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Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (1)
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Institute for Research on World-Systems(1)
International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities (1)
Israel Antiquities Authority (1)
Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ISAM) (1)
Research Committee on Sociology of Agriculture and Food RC40 (1)
International Sculpture Center (1)
International Science Congress Association (2)
ISCE Publishing (1)
International Scientific Communications, Inc. (2)
iS+D Fundación para la Investigación Social Avanzada (1)
International Society of Diabetes and Vascular Disease (1)
Instituto Universitario ISEDET (1)
The International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) (2)
Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (1)
The Institute for SocioEconomic Studies(2)
Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik (1)
Federación Española de Ingeniería Sin Fronteras (1)
Indian Society of Gastroenterology (1)
Indian Society of Health Administrators(1)
International Society on Hypertension in Blacks (1)
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Innovative Scientific Information & Services Network (2)
Invertebrate Survival Journal (1)
ISLA -Information Services Latin America (1)
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International Scientific Literature, Inc.(2)
International Society of Lymphology (1)
Institute for Supply Management (1)
l'Institut de Sciences Mathematiques et Economiques Appliquees (2)
International Society of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions (1)
International Society of Arboriculture(2)
The Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military History (1)
Indian Society of Plant Breeders (1)
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (1)
Institutului de Studii și Proectări Energetice (ISPE) (1)
International Society of Plant Morphologists (ISPM) (1)
Israel Musicological Society (1)
Israel Veterinary Medical Association(1)
International Society for the Study and Conservation of Amphibians (1)
The Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) (1)
International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art (1)
International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (1)
Indian Society of Science and Technology (1)
International Statistical Institute (ISI) (1)
Institution of Structural Engineers (1)
International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (1)
Italian Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists (1)
Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos (1)
The Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Poland (1)
Ithaca College (1)
Itobiad: Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (1)
中国科学院理论物理研究所 (1)
Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy (Vilnius, Lithuania) (1)
Italian Society of Rheumatology (1)
İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (1)
International Telecommunication Union(1)
International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature (1)
The International Union Against Tuberculosis & Lung Disease (1)
Indiana University Department of History (1)
Instituto Universitario de Estudios Norteamericanos, University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain (1)
International Union of Geological Sciences (1)
International Union for Health Promotion and Education (1)
Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy (1)
Independent University of Moscow (1)
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (2)
Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg (1)
Irish Veterinary Publishing Limited (1)
Institute of Chemical Fibres, Lódz, Poland (1)
Internationales Zentralinstitut für das Jugend- und Bildungsfernsehen (IZI)(2)
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise 'G.Caporale'(1)
Japan Association for African Studies(1)
The American Animal Hospital Association (1)
Japanese Association for American Studies (1)
Jackson Publishing and Distribution (1)
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Jagiellonian University, Poland (1)
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Rural Research Institute of Physiology & Applied Nutrition (1)
JCO (Journal of Clinical Orthodontics)(1)
Journal of Current Research in Science(1)
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l'Institut de Langues et Littératures Romanes de la Faculté des Lettres de l'Université de Bohême du Sud, České (1)
Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics (1)
Japan Diabetes Society (1)
Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology (1)
Journalism Education Association (1)
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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak Technical University, and the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (1)
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Japan Institute of Metals (2)
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Japanese Society of Breeding (2)
Japanese Society for Bioinformatics (1)
Japanese Society of Biometeorology(1)
Japan Society of Circulation Control in Medicine (1)
Japanese Society of Child Neurology(1)
JSCR Publishing Ltd (1)
The Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Diseases (1)
Japanese Society of Fisheries Science(1)
Japanese Society of Gastroenterology(1)
Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (1)
Japan Society for Information and Media Studies (1)
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (1)
Japanese Society of Medical Mycology(1)
The Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine (2)
Japanese Society for Precision Engineering (1)
Council for Social and Economic Studies (2)
Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (1)
Japanese Society for Reproductive Medicine (1)
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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine(1)
Japanese Society of Sericultural Science (1)
Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine(1)
Journal of Transdisciplinary Environmental Studies, The (1)
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Korean Society of Rheology (1)
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Kathmandu University (2)
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Kauno Kolegija, Lithuania (1)
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Kazimierz Urbanik Center for Probability and Mathematical Statistics(1)
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Dr. K.C. Chaudhuri Foundation (1)
Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition (1)
Korean Chemical Society (2)
KDBZ (1)
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Keesing's Worldwide (1)
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Genetics Society of Korea (1)
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Kired (1)
The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal (1)
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Kobe University School of Medicine (1)
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Konkoly Observatory (1)
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Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, Turkey (1)
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Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society (KORMS)(1)
The Korean Ophthalmological Society(1)
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Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History (1)
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KyungMoon Publisher (1)
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Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (1)
The Korean Society for the History of Medicine (1)
Korean Society of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1)
Korean Society for Parasitology (1)
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Korean Society of Veterinary Science(1)
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Korea Trade Research Association (1)
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Seminarium Philologiae Humanisticae, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (1)
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Kulture Void Pictures (1)
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Latin American Literary Review Press(1)
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Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research (1)
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Indian Journal of Applied-Basic Medical Sciences (1)
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Murdoch University's School of Asian Studies (1)
The Murphy Institute, City University of New York (1)
Museums Association (2)
Music Library Association (1)
Music Trades (1)
Muslim Journal Enterprises Inc. (1)
MyJoVE Corporation (1)
National Association of Agricultural Educators (1)
North American Philosophical Publications, Inc. (1)
North American Benthological Society(2)
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The National Advisory Committee for Computing Qualifications (NACCQ) (1)
National Academy of Dentistry, India (1)
NACE International (2)
National Association of Dental Laboratories (1)
National Art Education Association (2)
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National Association for Gifted Children(1)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (1)
National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (1)
National Association of Healthcare Access Management (1)
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (1)
Nursing Activities Interest Group, School of Nursing, Fluminense Federal University, RJ, Brazil. (1)
Japanese Society of Internal Medicine(2)
National Association of Industrial Technology (1)
North American Journal of Medical Sciences (1)
The National Association of Kineisology in Higher Education (1)
Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) (1)
Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (1)
NASA (1)
National Association of School Psychologists (1)
NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (1)
National Authority for Scientific Research, Tripoli, Libya (1)
Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) (1)
National Athletic Trainers' Association(2)
Natural Areas Association (1)
North American Transplant Coordinators Organization (1)
Conference of Minority Public Administrators (1)
National Association for the Teaching of English (1)
National Association of Teacher Educators for Family and Consumer Sciences (1)
National Geographic Society (1)
National Association of Theatre Nurses (Great Britain) (2)
The National Rehabilitation Association(1)
National Association of Teachers of Singing (2)
Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Zürich (1)
Nauk Publication (2)
National Aviation University (1)
American Society of Naval Engineers(1)
National Bureau of Economic Research(1)
The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) (1)
National Black Nurses Association (1)
Neurobiology of Lipids (1)
Library of the New Bulgarian University(1)
The North Carolina Academy of Science(1)
National Climatic Data Center (1)
National Center for Developmental Education, Appalachian State University(1)
National Center for Education Statistics(1)
National Centre of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar (2)
Nature Conservation and Health Care Council (1)
National Cancer Institute - Egypt (1)
North Carolina Institute of Medicine. (1)
National Center for Online Learning Research (1)
The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (2)
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)(1)
National Center for State Courts (1)
National Conference of State Legislatures (2)
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (1)
National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Science Council of Japan (2)
National Dental College & Hospital, Derabassi, Punjab, India (1)
National Dance Education Organization(1)
NDTnet (1)
National Defence University Press (1)
Nuclear Energy Agency (1)
National Education Association (1)
Nebraska Library Association (1)
Nebraska Life Magazine (1)
New England Complex Systems Institute (1)
Nedra (1)
NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi (1)
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Anesthesiologie (1)
Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA)(1)
Núcleo de Estudos em História Social da Arte e da Cultura, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (1)
Neilson Journals Publishing (1)
Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, Kathmandu (1)
Society of Nematologists (1)
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology(1)
Neoplasia Press (1)
Nepalese Army Medical Corps (1)
Nepal Geographical Society (1)
Nepal Medical Association (1)
North East Regional Computing Program (1)
New England School of Law (1)
Nepal Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (1)
NetCent Communications (1)
The Network University in Amsterdam(1)
Neuland Verlagsgesellschaft (1)
American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics (1)
Nevsehir University / Nevşehir Üniversitesi (1)
University of Newcastle, Australia (2)
University of Newcastle Law School (1)
New Left Review (1)
New Magazine Edizioni (1)
University of New Mexico, School of Law (2)
University of New Mexico, Dept of Mathematics (1)
New Mobility (1)
State University of New York New Paltz(1)
Christopher Newport University (1)
Newspaper Association of America (1)
The Newspaper Society (1)
Newsweek Inc (2)
Nexus Media Communications (2)
Norwegian Society of Automatic Control(1)
National Ground Water Association (1)
National Heritage Board, Singapore (1)
Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College (1)
Hungarian Natural History Museum (1)
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2)
Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (1)
Nickle's Energy Group (1)
National Institute on Drug Abuse (1)
National Institute of Ecology, India (1)
The Nietzsche Society (1)
National Institute of Health, Japan (1)
National Institute of Informatics (2)
NIOC Health Organization (1)
Naval Institute Press (2)
National Institute of Rural Development(1)
Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science (1)
National Inquiry Services Centre (NISC)(1)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (1)
National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE) (1)
Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra (1)
Nitte University, India (1)
Northern Illinois University (1)
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (2)
Nixon Center (1)
National Journal Group Inc. (1)
New Jersey State Nurses Association (1)
National Library of Australia (1)
Nonlinear Analysis Group (1)
Norwegian Medical Association (1)
National Medical Association (1)
New Mexico Dental Association (1) (1)
Nano-Micro Letters (1)
National Maritime Museum (1)
National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan (1)
Nippon Medical School (1)
Natal Museum, South Africa (2)
Neurology, Neurophysiology and Neuroscience (1)
Nordisk Netværk for Retorikkens Historie (1)
Nightingale Nursing Times (1)
Nobel Publishing (2)
No Limits Communications Inc. (1)
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft (1)
The Nonpartison Education Review (1)
New Oxford Review (1)
North Coast Media (1)
Northeastern Loggers' Association, Inc.(1)
Law School, University of Notre Dame(1)
University of Nottingham (1)
Netherlands Ornithologists' Union (2)
Novitas-ROYAL (1)
Novus Forlag (Novus Press) (1)
National Parking Association (1)
National Prescribing Centre (1)
Nepal Chemical Society (1)
Non-Profit Evaluation & Resource Center, Inc. (1)
Nepal Geological Society (1)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Nepal (1)
Nepal Ophthalmic Society (1)
Nepal Paediatric Society (1)
U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service (1)
NPTA Alliance (2)
Wetland Friends of Nepal (1)
Literacy Research Association (1)
National School Boards Association (1)
National Strength and Conditioning Association (1)
National Staff Development Council (1)
Network City and Landscape, ETH Zurich (1)
National Student Nurses' Association (1)
National Sculpture Society (1)
Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association, India (1)
New South Wales College of Nursing(1)
National Tax Association (1)
NTC Economic & Financial Publishing(1)
National Tuberculosis Institute (1)
National Toxicology Program, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health(2)
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (1)
The Nuclear Institute (2)
Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education. (1)
NUPI (1)
Nupur Publishing House, India (1)
Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas (1)
Health Science Journal (2)
Nagasaki University School of Medicine(1)
NUST Business School (1)
American Nutraceutical Association (1)
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kartografie (1)
NVVA (1)
North Waterloo Academic Press (1)
NWB Verlag (1)
Nepal Water Conservation Foundation(1)
NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar(1)
National Water Research Institute (1)
Northwest University, Xi'an, China (1)
New York Botanical Gardens (2)
New York Media Holdings (1)
New York State Dental Association (1)
New York State Nurses Association (1)
New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (1)
New York Times Company (1)
Centre for Environmental Law, The University of Auckland (1)
The New Zealand Hydrological Society(1)
New Zealand Institute of Forestry (1)
New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work(1)
New Zealand Medical Association (1)
New Zealand Plant Protection Society(1)
New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc (1)
New Zealand Veterinary Association (1)
Organization of American Historians (2)
Open-Access House of Science and Technology (OAHOST) (1)
OBBeC Media Publications Ltd (1)
Oil & Colour Chemists' Association (1)
OceanSide Publications, Inc (2)
Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (1)
Ochsner Clinic Foundation (1)
Our Dermatology Online (1)
Overseas Development Institute (2)
Ocean Drilling Program (2)
Ohio Educational Library Media Association (1)
The Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (1)
Oftal (1)
Ogden Publications, Inc (1)
Ohio Nurses Association (1)
Oregon Historical Society (1)
Optics InfoBase (1)
The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organization (1)
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (1)
Oikos Editorial Office (1)
Oildom Publishing Co. (1)
OIV - Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (1)
The Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies (1)
OJNI Corp (1)
Online Journal of Veterinary Research(1)
University of Oklahoma (2)
School of Music, University of Oklahoma (1)
Ökom Verlag GmbH (1)
Oklahoma State University (1)
Oregon Library Association (2)
Oltenia Social Institute, University of Craiova, Romania (1)
Oman Medical Specialty Board (1)
Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture (1)
Overseas Ministries Study Center (1)
L'Office National de l'Eau et des Milieux Aquatiques (ONEMA) (1)
123Library (1)
Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America (1)
National Opera Association (1)
Austrian Pharmaceutical Society / Österreichische Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft (1)
Office of Population Research (2)
Opthalmic Research Center, Shahid Behesti University, Iran (1)
Optimal Health Communications (1)
Open Publications (1)
Opulus Press (1)
Orel State Agrarian University (1)
Les Editions Orion (1)
Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC) (1)
Operations Research Society of America (1)
Orthopterists' Society (1)
British and Irish Orthoptic Society (1)
Oklahoma State Medical Association (1)
Ornithological Society of New Zealand(2)
Roman I. Ostapenko (1)
Old Time Music Group (1)
The IUCN Otter Specialist Group (OSG)(1)
Development Policy and Practice Department, Open University (1)
Okayama University Medical School (1)
Éditions OUSIA (1)
Ovidius University Constanta (1)
Oxford Economics (1)
Oxford Mosaic Publications (1)
Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences (1)
Pace Law School, Pace University (1)
Pacifica Theological Studies Association (1)
Pacific Press Inc., New York (1)
Pennsylvania Dental Association (1)
Pakistan Air Forces, Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology (1)
Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (1)
Universiti Malaysia Pahang (2)
Mathematics Education: Numerical Thinking of the Andalusian Plan of Research (1)
Pain Research, Oxford (1)
Paintbrush (1)
Pakistan Botanical Society (1)
Masood A. Raja (1)
Pakistan Medical Association (1)
International Association for Paleodontology (1)
Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences (1)
Paleopolis (1)
Palladin Institute of Biochemistry (1)
Paleontological Research Institution (1)
Paleontological Society of Japan (1)
Pamukkale Üniversitesi, Turkey(1)
Panacea Publishing (2)
Panamjas (1)
Plastics and Rubber Asia (1)
Panjab University, Lahore, Pakistan (1)
Pan Partners (1)
Pappin Communications (1)
Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (2)
Parachute (1)
Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil (1) (1)
Parkett Verlag (1)
The Parthenon Publishing Group (1)
Professional Advanced Services (1)
Institut Pasteur de Madagascar (1)
Société de Pathologie Exotique (1)
Public Administration Theory Network(1)
Paulus Verlag (2)
Università di Pavia (2)
PBS Journals (2)
Pacific Coast Entomological Society (1)
Parti Communiste Français (1)
Parenteral Drug Association (1)
Phi Delta Kappa International (1)
Peak District Mines Historical Society(1)
Peabody Museum (1)
International Peat Society (1)
Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche (CSP) (1)
Pegem Akademi Yayıncılık (1)
The Malaysian Economic Association(1)
Pentronics Publishing Ltd. (1)
People's Group (1)
Physical Education Pedagogues Association - Ljubuški, Bosnia & Herzegovina (1)
e-Perimetron (1)
Political Ecology Society (1)
Universidade Fernando Pessoa (1)
Petrotex Company (1)
Petrovsky Publishing (1)
PfPC - Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes (1)
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh(1)
Public Health Association of Australia(1)
Public Health Agency of Canada (1) (1)
Pharmamed Mado Ltd (1)
Pharma Scholars Library (1)
Pharma Science Monitor (1)
The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan(2)
Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity (1)
Chronicle of Philanthropy, The (1)
Philosophy Education Society, Inc. (1)
Philosophy of Education Society (1)
Philips Electronics Ltd. (1)
Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Czech Republic (2)
Information Philosophie (1)
Department of Philosophy, Carleton University (1)
Philosophy Department, University of Melbourne (1)
Brazilian Society Phlebology and Lymphology (1)
Postępy Higieny i Medycyny Doświadczalnej (1)
International Phycological Society (1)
Departamento de Ciências Biológicas - ESALQ - USP (1)
Modern Phytomorphology (1)
Population Investigation Committee (1)
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (1)
Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (1)
Practical Ideas in Economics and Finance (1)
Pasteur Institute of Iran (1)
Pilgrims English Language Courses (1)
PINE (1)
Centro Regional Universitário Espírito Santo do Pinhal (2)
PharmaInfo Publications (1)
University of Pisa (1)
Paper Industry Technical Association(1)
Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers, University of Pitesti, Romania (1)
University of Pittsburgh, School of Law(1)
Pittsburg State University (1)
Pakistan Cardiac Society (1)
Public Knowledge Project (1)
planet EE (2)
Plastics Multimedia Communications Ltd (1)
Progressive Librarians Guild (1)
Plural Publishing Inc (1)
PubMed Central (1)
Progressive Media Group (1)
Professional, Managerial & Healthcare Publications Limited (1)
Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar, Pakistan. (1)
PNG Publications (1)
Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (1)
Pacific Northwest Library Association(1)
Politics Association (1)
Polish Chemical Society (1)
Editorial Polemos (1)
Polirom (1)
Psychiatry Online Italia (1)
PolitBook (1)
Medpress, Poland (2)
Polish Physiological Society (1)
Policy Research Initiative (1)
Polylog (1)
Polymer Society of Korea (1)
Centre Pompidou (1)
Production and Operations Management Society (1)
Perspectives of New Music (1)
Population Association of America (1)
Population Review Publications (1)
Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto (1)
PortReal, LLC (1)
Edizioni Luigi Pozzi (1)
Polish Psychiatric Association (1)
Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute(1)
Physicians Postgraduate Press (2)
The Practising Midwife (1)
Prakken Publications, Inc. (1)
Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed University (2)
Praxis - The Public Relations Resource Centre (1)
Population Reference Bureau (1)
Société Préhistorique Française (1)
Prescrire (2)
Preston Publications (2)
PRINCEPS Editions (1)
Princeton University (1)
Print Magazine (1)
Print Quarterly Publications (1)
Prodiris (1)
Profetic (1)
Project HOPE (1)
First Promethean Group (1)
Prometheus Books (1)
The American Prospect (1)
De Proverbio (1)
Public Record Office Victoria, Australia(1)
Poultry Science Association (2)
The Political Science Association of Kasetsart University (2)
Pacific Seabird Group (1)
Psicotecnica Edizione (1)
Palaeontological Society of Japan (1)
Premchand Shantidevi Research Foundation (PSRF) (1)
Princeton Theological Seminary (1)
Norsk Psykologforening / Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF) (1)
PTM Publishers Ltd (1)
Patent and Trademark Office Society(1)
Public Interest Enterprises, Inc (2)
Putman Media (2)
PV Publications (2)
National Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw(1)
Qafqaz University, Baku-Azerbaijan (1)
Queens County Bar Association (1)
QCI International (1)
Quadrant HealthCom Inc. (1)
Queensland Museum, Australia (1)
Queen Margaret University College (1)
Quality of Government Institute (1)
Qom College, University of Tehran (1)
Quantes (1)
Pit & Quarry (1)
QUEST: Quaker Ecumenical Seminars in Theology (1)
QuinStreet (1)
Queensland University of Technology(2)
Romanian-American Association of Project Managers for Education and Research (1)
The Rabbinical Assembly (1)
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (1)
Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) (1)
Radius Publishing (1)
Radical Philosophy (1)
Editorial Raíces (1)
Ramazan Volkan Çoban (1)
RAMS Consultants (1)
Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia(2)
Real Academia Nacional de Medicina(1)
Raptor Research Foundation (1)
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada(1)
Royal Agricultural Society of England(1)
Russian Academy of Sciences (1)
A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute (1)
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (2)
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (1)
Russian-British Institute of Management(1)
Revista de Biología Marina y Oceanografía (1)
Royal Belgian Radiological Society (1)
Royal Botanical Society of Belgium (1)
Royal College of General Practitioners(1)
University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus (1)
Royal College of Nursing Australia (1)
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (1)
Royal College of Physicians (1)
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (2)
Research Centre of Resource Mentors, Pakistan (1)
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh(1)
The Royal College of Surgeons of England (2)
Radioengineering Departments of Czech and Slovak Technical Universities (1)
The Royal Danish Geographical Society(1)
Rivista di Studi Italiani (1)
RealNetworks, Inc (1)
Revista de Climatología (1)
Redactive Publishing Ltd (1)
International Red Cross (1)
Reed Publishing (1)
Reed Electronics Research (1)
Reed Elsevier (1)
Refik Saydam National Public Health Agency (RSNPHA) (1)
Regent Media (1)
Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (1) (1)
REI-50 Foundation, Romania (1)
Revue de Laryngologie (1)
La Société Rencesvals (1)
Reproductive Healthcare Ltd (1)
Regional Energy Resources Information Center (RERIC), Thailand (1)
Réseaux, Savoirs & Territoires (1)
Editorial RESMA (1)
The Journal Respiratory Care Company(1)
Research in Plant Biology (1)
Researchers World (2)
Revista Virtual de Estudos da Linguagem (1)
Review Publishing Company (1)
Revista Art& (1)
Revue des Sciences Religieuses (1)
Reysen Group (1)
Resources For The Future (1)
Regional Furniture Society (1)
Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy (1)
Revista Geográfica Acadêmica (1)
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (1)
Rhine Research Center (1)
Royal Institute of British Architects (1)
Richards College of Business, State University of West Georgia (1)
RG and FJ Richardson (1)
Richard J Wright (1)
Museum Rietberg Zurich (2)
Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (1)
Rhode Island Medical Society (1)
Royal Institute of Public Health (1)
Rhode Island School of Design (1)
Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) (1)
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (1)
RJ Communications & Media Ltd (1)
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences (RJPBCS) (1)


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